Giffard Bigallet Bellambre (Bitter) 70Cl

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Volume: 700 ML. Place of Origin: FRANCE

Behind the Bellambre by the French manufacturer Felix Bigallet is a new and at the same time traditional aperitif. The recipe is based on a note by founder Felix Bigallet from the year the company was founded: 1872. At that time, the liqueur was known under the name Amer citronné (lemon bitters). For the new edition it was renamed Bellambre. A new word that can be translated with beautiful amber. 

The Bellambre is a harmonious bitter liqueur based on citrus fruits. It combines pleasantly bitter citrus peel with sweet fruit notes as well as other herbs and roots. It presents its intense fruit taste on the palate. The top note is dominated by mandarins and oranges. There are also herbs and a bitter finish in which gentian and cinchona bark are merged. Bigallet uses over ten plants and roots as well as various citrus fruits for the bitter aperitif. For the liqueur, these are first macerated and then distilled.  

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