a bottle of Boatyard Vodka
a bottle of Boatyard Organic Vodka with herbs and spices around

Boatyard Vodka

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Boatyard Organic Vodka, distilled by Ireland's premier B Corp certified distillery, is celebrated for its purity and smoothness.

Ranked No. 7 in the Drinks International Brand Report 2024 Top Trending list, this vodka embodies quality and sustainability.

Boatyard Vodka Tasting Notes

Boatyard Vodka presents a clean, crisp nose with subtle notes of grain.

The palate is exceptionally smooth and creamy, with a hint of sweetness and a touch of pepper.

The finish is long and clean, making it an ideal base for any cocktail or perfect enjoyed over ice.

Why It Stands Out

Crafted using organic wheat and a meticulous distillation process, this spirit ensures the highest quality. Its smooth and pure profile appeals to vodka enthusiasts who appreciate a versatile and refined spirit.

Bottle size: 70cl. - Vol.: 41%

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