Image of Ezra Brooks 99 KSBW Bourbon bottle: A premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey with 49.5% ABV.
Ezra Brooks

Ezra Brooks 99 KSBW Bourbon

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Introducing Ezra Brooks 99 KSBW (Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey), a premium spirit with a generous 49.5% ABV.

This smooth yet full-bodied bourbon is an essential addition to any home bar, housed in a 700ml bottle. Experience the perfect harmony of flavors and a rich finish that defines classic American Bourbon.

Crafted for a robust flavor profile, this bourbon is bottled at an elevated 99 proof. Aged in oak barrels in the heart of Kentucky, it undergoes charcoal filtration, resulting in a smooth and mellow finish that lingers delightfully.

What sets this bourbon apart is its spicy, ryed mash bill, adding layers of complexity and character.

Ezra Brooks 99 KSBW Bourbon embodies the essence of true bourbon craftsmanship. Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as the star of your favorite cocktails, it promises an exceptional journey for your palate.

The distinct flavor notes, from the initial sip to the lingering finish, make each moment memorable. Elevate your bourbon collection with this premium spirit that encapsulates the spirit of Kentucky's finest.


  • 49.5% ALC/VOL • 99 PROOF


Smooth and drinkable with hints of caramel, vanilla, chocolate, and spice.


Corn, rye, and barley

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