Image of Juarez Reposado tequila bottle: A 750ml bottle with 40% ABV, showcasing the artful craftsmanship of aged tequila.
Juarez Tequila

Juarez Reposado

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Juarez Reposado Gold is an award-winning premium tequila aged to perfection from the Jalisco region of Mexico and the 4th best-selling tequila brand in the US.

Housed in a 750ml bottle with 40% ABV, its smooth and balanced flavor profile features subtle wood undertones.

From leisurely sipping to crafting cocktails, Juarez Gold brings versatility to your libations. Its well-rounded flavor profile makes it a great base for cocktails, enhancing the depth and sophistication of your creations.

Experience the heart of Mexico with Juarez Reposado. Its excellence and balanced wood notes make it a standout choice for both casual and celebratory moments.

Enjoy responsibly and relish the remarkable artistry of aged tequila.

Juarez Reposado Tequila Notes

  • Color: A subtle golden shimmer
  • Aroma: strong, cinnamon, vanilla, pepper, honey
  • Taste: Agave, semi-sweet, vanilla, spice
  • Country: Mexico

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