Bottle of Kosapan Kad Kokoa cacao spirit
Kosapan Kad Kokoa Cacao Spirit bottle with a glass and Cocoa seed on a blue cloth in background

Kosapan Kad Kokoa Cacao Spirit

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Chocolate Meets Spirit: Kosapan Cacao Spirit.

This unique collaboration with Kad Kokoa, a renowned Thai chocolate maker, brings you Kosapan Cacao Spirit. Kosapan use award-winning, single-origin cacao beans from Chantaburi, Thailand, hand-crafted and double-distilled for a pure cacao flavor with hints of dried tropical fruits.

A must-try for chocolate lovers!

  • Award-winning Cacao: We use single-origin beans from Chantaburi, Thailand, a 2021 AVPA silver medalist.
  • Handcrafted & Double-Distilled: Our French copper alembic stills create a smooth spirit with pure cacao flavors.
  • Hints of Tropical Fruit: A delightful twist for a truly captivating experience.

Unwrap the rich taste of Thailand's finest cacao beans in every sip.

Available in 70cl and 33cl bottles. Alc. Vol. 40%


Intense notes of brown sugar and dried tropical fruits, followed by nutty note of dark cacao. Smooth and rich body, with complex flavours of exotic fruits, reminiscent of passion fruit and pineapple. Long and aromatic finish, with dark chocolate and liquorice notes.


Passion fruit, coffee, fresh mint, orange or pistachio.

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