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Kosapan Orange Spirit

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Taste the Sunshine and Capture the essence of Thailand with Kosapan Orange Spirit .

  • Freshly Squeezed Inspiration: Made with the highest quality peels, sourced from sustainable farms in Thailand.
  • Discerning Palate Approved: This invigorating spirit delights even the most discerning taste buds.
  • Pure Citrus Delight: Experience the vibrant energy of freshly squeezed oranges in every sip.

Embrace the sunshine and add a touch of Thailand to your next drink.

Available in 70cl bottle. Alc. Vol. 40%


The first nose Kosapan Orange Spirit is clear and straight with a bitter tang that becomes sweeter and brighter. The taste develops rather like the fruit itself; it evolves from citrusy bitterness that quickly becomes a sweet finish – long and intense, with a well-balanced palate.


An excellent match with ginger, mint, coffee, cilantro, cinnamon, or chocolate notes.

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