Kosapan Pandan spirit bottle

Kosapan Pandan Spirit

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Discover the Essence of Thailand: Kosapan Pandan Spirit

Pandan, often called the "Vanilla of the East," is a beloved ingredient in Thai cuisine, prized for its sweet and subtle aroma. We've captured this unique essence in our Kosapan Pandan Spirit.

  • Locally Sourced Pandan: Crafted with fragrant pandan leaves grown in Thailand's Central region.
  • Sweet & Subtle Aroma: Unwind with the calming and captivating scent of pandan.
  • Elevates Cocktails & More: A versatile spirit perfect for cocktails or adding a unique twist to your favorite drinks.

Embrace the authentic flavors of Thailand with every sip of Kosapan Pandan Spirit.

Available in 70cl bottle. Alc. Vol. 40%


The aroma is very sweet with some hints of hazelnut, caramel, and lightly of coconut. The very first sip of pandan spirit opened with very nutty flavours; hazelnut, cashew nut, almond but also suggestive of rose, coconut, and basmati rice. A floral and grassy side arrives later in the palate before a long and full body finish.


Pandan spirit pairs well with roasted coconut and jasmine rice. Another, more unconventional, option to balance the sweetness of the pandan is with some citrus such as pomelo, or lemongrass juice.

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