The Bitter Truth

The Bitter Truth is nowadays an iconic brand renowned for its exceptional cocktail bitters.

Rooted in tradition, The Bitter Truth products have earned acclaim, securing the 3rd Best Selling and 3rd Top Trending position in Cocktail Bitters, according to the prestigious Drinks International Brand Report 2024.

Crafted with precision and passion, their bitters add depth and complexity to cocktails, enhancing the overall drinking experience. From the classic Old Time Aromatic Bitters to unique flavors like Celery and Creole, each bottle bring its own particular signature.

Founded by bartenders Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck in 2006, The Bitter Truth has played a pivotal role in the renaissance of cocktail culture. Their dedication to reviving the craft of bitters has earned them global recognition, making them a trusted choice for both professional mixologists and home enthusiasts.

The brand's success in the Drink International Brand Report 2024 reflects not only their popularity but also their influence on the evolving landscape of cocktail preferences. The Bitter Truth continues to set the standard for excellence in the realm of cocktail bitters, enticing palates and inspiring mixologists worldwide.