The Perfect Gin & Tonic: The Secrets of Old Tom, London Dry, and Sloe Gin

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The Gin & Tonic, a timeless cocktail enjoyed for centuries, thrives on the interplay between the botanical complexity of gin and the refreshing bitterness of tonic water.

Endlessly customizable and delightfully refreshing, the Gin & Tonic is a cocktail adored by many also for its simplicity. In fact, the recipe it's quite easy...

a woman hand placing some garnish using a tweezer on a iced gin tonic on a bar counter beside a bottle of Boatyard double gin and a Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic bottle

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The Perfect Gin & Tonic recipe: Pour 50ml (a double shot) of gin over the ice. Stir around gently. Top up with tonic water.

But with countless gin styles and tonic variations available, crafting the "perfect" G&T can feel like navigating a botanical labyrinth.

No worries! We'll guide you into a journey deep into three iconic gin styles – Old Tom, London Dry, and Sloe Gin – and we'll explore the perfect Fever-Tree tonic pairings to perfectly match your next Gin & Tonic experience.

1. London Dry Gin

The Juniper Powerhouse

Considered the "original" gin, London Dry Gin is the foundation stone upon which countless Gin & Tonic variations are built. This style is characterized by its bold juniper presence, often accompanied by a symphony of botanicals like citrus peels, coriander, angelica root, and floral notes like lavender or orris root.

a bottle of Boatyard Double Gin lied down near a glass filled with a drink

Imagine the robust juniper backbone of Boatyard Double Gin, complemented by the zesty dance of orange peel and fragrant coriander. This interplay creates a complex and characterful spirit, perfect for those who appreciate the classic "ginny" flavor in their G&T.

The Ideal Match:

When crafting a London Dry Gin & Tonic, it's crucial to choose a tonic water that complements the gin's botanical complexity without overpowering it. Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water steps into the spotlight here.

a white table with a bottle of Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water served on a glass of Gin tonic

Its balanced quinine bitterness serves as a perfect counterpoint to the juniper power of London Dry Gin, while the subtle citrus notes in the tonic water gently enhance the gin's existing citrus profile.

2. Old Tom Gin

A Sweet Seduction

Old Tom Gin, experiencing a well-deserved resurgence in recent years, represents an earlier style of gin that predates the drier London Dry. Unlike its juniper-forward cousin, Old Tom Gin is known for its subtly sweet character, often achieved through the use of liquorice root or sugar.

a bottle of Boatyard Old Tom Gin on a wooden barrel

Think of Boatyard Old Tom Gin, where a gentle sweetness dances with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, creating a smoother and more approachable gin experience.

The Delicate Dance:

The inherent sweetness of Old Tom Gin requires a more delicate approach when choosing a tonic water. Fever-Tree Refreshingly Light Mediterranean Tonic Water perfectly complements this style.

a bottle of refreshingly light mediterranean tonic water being poured on a glass full of ice

Its lower quinine content ensures the sweetness of the gin isn't overshadowed, while the subtle floral and herbal notes in the tonic water add a touch of complexity without overwhelming the Old Tom Gin's nuanced character.

3. Sloe Gin

A Fruity Affair

Sloe Gin is a unique twist on the gin world. It's a gin-based liqueur infused with sloe berries, a type of wild plum. This infusion results in a vibrant red spirit with a distinct sweet and tart flavor profile.

a bottle of Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin on the grass

For instance, Boatyard Sloe Boat Gin offers a delightful balance of sweet sloe berries and classic botanicals, making it a perfect example of this versatile style.

The Fruity Fusion:

Sloe Gin's unique fruity character demands a tonic water that enhances its inherent sweetness and tartness. Enter Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water.

A bottle of Fever-Tree elderflower on a cupboard with flowers around and a glass full of ice and tonic water

Its delicate elderflower notes perfectly complement the sweet sloe berry profile of Sloe Gin, creating a refreshingly floral and fruity G&T. This combination offers a delightful alternative to the classic juniper-forward Gin & Tonic.

Beyond the Bottle: Explore and Experiment!

These pairings offer a fantastic starting point for your Gin & Tonic journey. Remember, the world of Gin & Tonic is vast and endlessly open to exploration.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different gin styles, tonic water variations, and garnishes like citrus peels, herbs, or even fruits to discover your perfect combination.

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