The Rise of Cocchi Vermouth: From Giulio to Glory

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In the realm of vermouth, Cocchi stands as a beacon of Italian excellence, a brand steeped in history and revered for its meticulous craftsmanship.

The story of Cocchi begins in 1891 in the heart of Asti, Italy, when Giulio Cocchi, a young and visionary herbalist, decided to venture into the world of aperitifs. His dedication to quality and a keen understanding of local botanicals laid the foundation for what would become a renowned name in the spirits industry.

Cocchi Vermouth vintage photo of the factory est 1891

Cocchi Vermouth represents the epitome of Italian vermouth, a fortified wine infused with a blend of aromatic herbs, spices, and botanicals. This unique concoction is a result of a closely guarded family recipe that has been passed down through generations. The choice of botanicals, sourced locally in the picturesque hills of Piedmont, imparts a distinct character to Cocchi Vermouth, setting it apart from its peers.

Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino labels on 3 bottles lined up

The brand's rise to prominence can be attributed not only to the excellence of its products but also to a commitment to tradition and innovation.

Cocchi Vermouth has become a staple in the world of mixology, cherished by bartenders and enthusiasts alike for its versatility and unparalleled quality. The recent recognition by Drinks International, ranking Cocchi as the number 1 Best Selling and Top Trending Vermouth in 2024, is a testament to the brand's enduring legacy.

Cocchi Vermouth ranking in Drinks International Brands Report 2024

Cocchi's ascent to the top of the vermouth world in 2024 is a significant milestone. While it has always been a respected name in the industry placing on top positions randomly for the past 8 years, this year marks the first time it claims the number 1 position in both Best Selling and Top Trending Vermouth categories. This accolade reflects not only the brand's enduring popularity but also its ability to evolve with the times while staying true to its heritage.

Drinks International 2024 Cocchi Vermouth bottles thanks for voting poster

What sets Cocchi apart is not just its taste but the way it captures the essence of Italian conviviality. The production process involves a careful blending of wines, which are then infused with a secret combination of herbs and spices. The result is a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate, from the bittersweet notes of gentian and cinchona to the aromatic complexity of herbs like chamomile and citrus peels.

Cocchi Storico Vermouth di Torino banner image with the label in the center and vintage cartoons on the background

In fact, as you wet your lips with Cocchi Vermouth, you're immersing yourself in the history and culture of Italy. It's a journey through time, guided by the hands of master blenders who have perfected their craft over more than a century. Cocchi Vermouth is more than a beverage; it's an experience, an ode to the artistry of Italian spirits that continues to captivate the world.



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