Why Thailand's Cocktail Bars Choose Fever-Tree as Their First Choice Mixer

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In the dynamic cocktail landscape of Thailand, one mixer brand has emerged as the unrivaled favorite among the country's top cocktail bars - Fever-Tree.

But, what are the reasons behind Fever-Tree's popularity and why it is selected as the first-choice mixer in Thailand?

Bartender pouring Fever-Tree Ginger Ale on a iced glass in a night club in Bangkok, Thailand

Uncompromising Quality

Fever-Tree's commitment to uncompromising quality is one of the key factors that make it the preferred mixer in Thailand's cocktail bars. The brand sources only the finest natural ingredients, ensuring a consistently exceptional taste. By meticulously selecting botanicals and using premium quinine from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Fever Tree guarantees a superior product that impresses both bartenders and customers alike.

 Hand picking and quality check on the Quinine farm in Rusizi, Rwanda

Perfect Balance of Flavors

Thailand's cocktail bars appreciate Fever-Tree's perfectly balanced flavor profiles. From tonic waters to ginger beers, these mixers harmonize flawlessly with a variety of spirits. Bartenders can rely on them to enhance the unique characteristics of each spirit without overpowering them. Their delicate blend of botanicals and calibrated bitterness and sweetness enables bartenders to create well-crafted and balanced cocktails that cater to diverse palates.

Bartender puring 2 bottles of Fever-tree at the same time

Versatility and Creativity

Fever-Tree's versatility as a mixer grants Thai cocktail bars the freedom to experiment and unleash their creativity. The brand's wide range of flavors and textures allows bartenders to invent signature cocktails and put unique twists on classic recipes. Thai bartenders can craft inventive libations that showcase their creativity and captivate their customers.

 Different flavors of Fever-Tree in colored glasse by the bartender

Enhanced Drinking Experience

Fever-Tree's mixers elevate the overall drinking experience in Thailand's cocktail bars. The fine bubbles and effervescence add a refreshing touch to cocktails, engaging the senses and enhancing the visual appeal of the drink. The balanced flavors and high-quality ingredients contribute to a sophisticated and enjoyable drinking experience, satisfying the discerning tastes of cocktail enthusiasts across Thailand.

 bartender pouring Fever-Tree soda on a glass in a club with a customer looking around

In conclusion..

With its unwavering commitment to quality, perfect flavor balance, versatility, and ability to enhance the drinking experience, Fever-Tree has rightfully earned its place as the first-choice mixer in Thailand's cocktail bars.

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