Celebrate Thailand's Cocktail Excellence: Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023

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On July 18th, 2023, the prestigious "Asia's 50 Best Bars" selection took center stage, honoring the finest drinking establishments across the continent.

The Winner

Among the many outstanding contenders, COA from Hong Kong emerged as the ultimate winner, securing the coveted No.1 position for the third time in the history of this prestigious recognition. The bar's owner-bartender, Jay Khan, has truly established COA as a superstar venue, known for its impeccable service and innovative offerings.
COA takes its name from the tool used for harvesting agave, reflecting its dedication to mezcal and tequila. The bar houses Hong Kong's most extensive agave collection, boasting 200 bottles. Khan's intimate knowledge of distilleries enriches each pour with liquid history.

Additionally, in 2020, Khan and the COA team launched Mezcal Mission, donating proceeds from tequila tastings to support a local homeless charity, showcasing their commitment to the community.

COA cocktail Bar in Hong Kong

The Champions from Thailand

Thailand's bustling cocktail scene also received its share of honors at the selection.

BKK Social Club claimed an impressive third place, offering glitz, glamour, and good times in garden-like surroundings by the Chao Phraya River. Inspired by Buenos Aires and Bangkok, the menu draws inspiration from Argentina and Latin America, featuring creative cocktails such as the Evita, paying homage to the iconic Argentine politician and activist.

Tropic City, a vibrant neon-lit oasis in Bangkok's Charoenkrung neighborhood, secured the sixth position with its tropical flair and strong focus on rum-based creations. The bar attracts a young and spirited crowd, delighting guests with imaginative concoctions like Trippic Thunder and So Fresh, So Clean.

Vesper, a European-inspired haven in Bangkok, claimed the twelfth spot, taking cocktails to a whole new level of sophistication. Under the guidance of British bar manager Tom Hearn, Vesper's menu honored its previous guests while introducing innovative creations like the Turmeric Old Fashioned.

Last but not least, the highly anticipated Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar, a brainchild of Bangkok's renowned bartenders Ronnaporn "Neung" Kanivichaporn and Chennarong “Jan” Bhumichitr, clinched the twenty-second position. The bar's Resourceful Cocktails theme showcased their creative prowess, offering unique concoctions like the Cow and the Orange cocktails, a harmonious blend of flavors.

Asia's 50 Best Bar Award showcased Thailand's vibrant cocktail culture, with establishments like BKK Social Club, Tropic City, Vesper, and Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar achieving well-deserved recognition for their dedication to the art of mixology.

Thailand's Finest!

As we celebrate Thailand's Cocktail Excellence at the Asia's 50 Best Bars 2023, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional Thai bars that have secured top positions within the first 100 rankings:

  • "Opium" - 59th place
  • "Asia Today" - 68th place
  • "Locker Room" - 78th place
  • "Loft" - 99th place

Cheers to these outstanding establishments for adding their unique charm and flavors to Bangkok and Thailand's vibrant nightlife scene!

The accolades reinforce Thailand's position as a top cocktail destination, where innovation, creativity, and passion combine to craft unforgettable drinking experiences.

Cheers to the excellence of Thailand's cocktail bars, where each libation is a celebration of culture, taste, and community!

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