Mixologist Julie Nguyen is the New World's Sustainable Cocktail Champion by Flor de Caña

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Julie Nguyen has been named the World's Sustainable Cocktail Champion by Flor de Caña during the highly anticipated global final of the Flor de Caña Sustainable Cocktail Challenge - 3rd Edition. Nguyen emerged victorious after competing against 32 of the world's top mixologists to create the most amazing sustainable cocktails.



The global final took place on February 3rd on the picturesque tropical volcanic islands of Granada in Nicaragua, providing a stunning and exotic backdrop to the event.

The Judges

The judging panel, comprised of renowned industry personalities including Danil Nevsky, the bartender named the third most influential person in the industry, Alex Francis, a distinguished bartender and bar consultant, and Mandy Naglich, a well-known food and beverage journalist, evaluated the participants' cocktails based on various factors. These included the history and inspiration behind the cocktail, the use of sustainable ingredients and techniques, creativity, flavor, and appearance.

The World Champion and Her Creation

The Vietnamese Nguyen, hailing from Opium Bar in Thailand, was crowned by Flor de Caña "World's Sustainable Cocktail Champion" by impressing the judges with her passion and innovation in creating sustainable cocktails. Her winning creation, named "From Sip to Seed," utilized every part of corn - husk, silk, cob, and kernels - along with local natural elements such as palmyra sugar and coconut milk to showcase the main ingredient: Flor de Caña 12 Year Rum.


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In addition to this prestigious honor, she received a trophy made from sustainable materials, a personalized bottle of Flor de Caña 25 Year Rum, and a prize of US$10,000. Nguyen's success extends beyond the competition itself, as she will also receive complimentary sustainability training and assessment from Food Made Good, one of the competition's partners.

Group photo with Julie Nguyen Champion holding the prize at the Sustainable Cocktail Challenge Flor de Cana

Following the announcement, Nguyen expressed her elation, stating, "I've been dreaming about this moment, and now it's finally come true. Thank you, Flor de Caña, for taking us on this sustainable journey and for creating amazing memories and experiences for all of us".



Andrea Marseglia from Teresa Cocktail Bar in New Zealand claimed the competition's second spot, while Lacey-Jane Roberts from Published on Main Bar in Canada secured the third spot. Both runners-up were awarded cash prizes and personalized bottles of Flor de Caña.

Flor de Caña and The Sustainable Cocktail Challenge

The Sustainable Cocktail Challenge attracted participation from more than 30 countries, making it a truly global celebration of Flor de Caña's historic commitment to sustainability. The competition offers the brand an opportunity to share and promote these values with the global bartending community. Flor de Caña has long held the distinction of being the world's first carbon-neutral and Fair Trade-certified spirit, making it a trailblazer in its industry. The brand's rum is distilled using 100% renewable energy, and all CO₂ emissions during fermentation are captured and recycled. Furthermore, since 2005, Flor de Caña has planted an impressive one million trees as part of its ongoing commitment to environmental preservation.

As the cocktail world looks for greener practices, Flor de Caña stands out as a leader in sustainability. Their Sustainable Cocktail Challenge not only highlights eco-friendly mixology but also gives bartenders worldwide a stage to showcase their creativity and skills. The rewards given to the winners not only recognize their hard work but also inspire other bartenders to persist in advancing sustainable approaches, sparking inspiration across the community.



Julie Nguyen's achievement as the World's Sustainable Cocktail Champion highlights the immense potential of sustainable mixology, providing a shining example of what can be achieved when talent, passion, and innovation come together.

Julie Nguyen world champion of sustainable cocktail challenge and her tropht from Flor de Caña

As the global champion, Nguyen now carries the torch for sustainable cocktail making, spreading awareness and inspiring others to embark on their own sustainable journey in the world of mixology.



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