Siete Misterios: A Look Inside the tradition of Mezcal

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Deep within the heart of Oaxaca, Mexico, lies a haven for mezcal enthusiasts – the enigmatic Siete Misterios distillery. Steeped in tradition and driven by a relentless pursuit of quality, Siete Misterios crafts mezcals that are as captivating as their name, which translates to "Seven Mysteries."

Not surprisingly, their dedication has earned them recognition as the #1 Top Trending Mezcal, #2 Best Selling Mezcal, and #7 Bartenders' Choice Brand according to the 2024 Drinks International Brand Report.

Siete Misterios Mezcal agave plants with hills in background in Oaxaca


A Legacy Rooted in Tradition

The story of Siete Misterios begins with the Vasquez family, whose mezcal-making heritage stretches back four generations. Nestled in the village of San Luis del Rio, Oaxaca, the family has long held a deep respect for the land and the ancient art of mezcal production.

Farmer cutting an agave plant in Oaxaca for Siete Misterios Mezcal production with cartoons graphic los muertos and bats


Driven with this family passion, in 1996, Maestro Mezcalero Edgar Morales embarked on a mission to create mezcal that reflected the region's unique terroir.

He meticulously sourced the finest agaves varietals – Espadín, Tobalá, and Mexicano –  from various sub-regions of Oaxaca, each with its distinct soil composition and microclimate, resulting in a diverse range of mezcal expressions.

Siete Misterios Mezcal traditional agave crushing process with stone mill pulled by a horse in open air

A Meticulous Journey: From Field to Flask

Siete Misterios meticulously oversees every step of the production process, ensuring the integrity and quality of their final product.

Here's a glimpse into their dedication:

  • Agave Selection: They meticulously hand-select mature agave plants, ensuring optimal flavor and sugar content.
  • Traditional Pit Roasting: The agaves are slow-roasted in earthen pits lined with volcanic rock and fueled by smoldering wood. This time-honored technique imparts a complex smokiness that is a hallmark of mezcal.
  • Fermentation with Natural Yeasts: The roasted agave hearts, called "piñas," are then crushed and allowed to ferment naturally using indigenous yeasts. This allows the unique terroir of Oaxaca to shine through.
  • Double Distillation: The fermented agave mash undergoes a double distillation process in copper pot stills. This meticulous approach results in a spirit with exceptional clarity and depth of flavor.
Siete Misterios Mezcal double distillation process inside a stable with open porch and hay outside

The Doba-Yej: A Masterpiece of Mezcal Craft

Among Siete Misterios' captivating creations, the Doba-Yej holds a special place. This single-estate mezcal is crafted using the rare and highly sought-after Tobalá agave. Tobalá, known for its slow growth and intense flavors, takes a staggering 12-14 years to mature, making it a true premium spirit.

Siete Misterios Mezcal production scraps after distillation

The Doba-Yej expression embodies the essence of Tobalá agave. Expect a symphony of aromas – earthy, floral, with hints of citrus and smoke. The palate is an explosion of flavor, with notes of roasted pineapple, cocoa, and subtle peppery spice. The finish is long and complex, leaving a lasting impression on the discerning drinker.

a hand holding high a bottle of Siete Misterios Doba-Yej Mezcal

Why Choose Siete Misterios?

Siete Misterios stands out in the world of mezcal for several reasons:

  • Unwavering Commitment to Quality: Their dedication to traditional methods and meticulous production practices ensures exceptional quality in every bottle.
  • Focus on Rare Agaves: Their use of rare agave varietals like Tobalá elevates their mezcals to a level of complexity and depth not often found.
  • Sustainability Matters: Siete Misterios prioritizes sustainable farming practices, ensuring the future of their craft and the well-being of the Oaxacan environment.
a bottle of Siete Misterios Doba-yej Mezcal and a half filled glass on a table with colored pillows in background in a room with visible old red bricks

Who Should Savor Siete Misterios?

Siete Misterios mezcals are not for the faint of heart. They are crafted for those who appreciate the nuances of flavor, the depth of tradition, and the artistry of handcrafted spirits. If you're a seasoned mezcal drinker seeking a truly exceptional experience, or an adventurous spirit curious to explore the complexities of this fascinating spirit, then Siete Misterios deserves a place on your shelf.

Mexican muerto black and white cartoon wearing a tuxedo offering to the viewer a glass of Siete Misterios Mezcal in a picture od Oaxaca agave fields with mountains in the background

The Doba-Yej Returns to Thailand!

The good news for Thai mezcal enthusiasts is that the highly sought-after Doba-Yej from Siete Misterios has just been restocked at Speak Easy BKK! This is your chance to experience the magic of this rare and exceptional mezcal.

Head over to our online catalog and unlock the enigmatic world of Siete Misterios savoring the essence of Oaxaca in every sip.

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